Should you go to University? - Advice from a University dropout

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Are you someone that is wondering if University is right for them? Should you be following your parents advice and just go even though you are not sure what to study and whether getting into £50K in debt would be worth it?

Or maybe you are wondering if you should just try and go into full time employment. But what kind of full-time employment? What are you really qualified to do at this stage of your life that would go beyond working in retail or customer service?

Here are what students are doing wrong:

1). Studying the wrong thing

I see too many students applying to University to study something that is not authentic to them. What I mean is they are doing it to please someone else. They are influenced by their parents to study Law or Medicine but their passions actually lie elsewhere like Art but their parents don’t believe that they can make a living from being creative.

Maybe students chose Law or Medicine because they thing is it a well paid and so have chosen a subject for the money rather than studying something that actually interests them. The problem is that University consists of assignments, revision and exams and if you do not love what you are studying or where it will lead you then it will be a very difficult, stressful and unfulfilled three years of your life. That is just the beginning, what about the decades you will spend doing something that you do not love and possibly hate, just because it pays you well.

2). Studying the right thing in the wrong way

You may have chosen the right thing to study but are you going to study it in the right way? For example, you want to study a business degree because starting a business is something that you really want to do for yourself and not for anyone else.

However, is doing a Business degree the best way to learn about how to start your own business? Will you be learning from someone that has successfully started their own business? If after doing a business degree will you have the outcome of having your own business or will you potentially be a great employee and help manage someone else’s business.

Would successful business owners tell you to do a business degree or to just start your own business by finding a problem and solve it yourself. The same can be said for so many careers in marketing, design and technology. These fields do not always teach the latest methods and you may find yourself in need of further training just to be employable.

3). Rushing into applying to University

Some students do not know what they want to do with their lives but they are so afraid of missing out because their friends are going to University or they feel pressured to please someone else in their family. It’s a scary thing when you think about joining the real world. You have been a student of institutional education for 15 years so it feels safer just to study for another three more years.

You maybe thinking that's what society expects of you. To get a degree and then you can get a job. Maybe you think you will not be employable without a degree.

The problem is if you just do any degree for the sake of it you may end up with a student debt of £50K. That’s a big debt to pay by just doing a degree for the sake of pleasing someone else or from the fear of missing out. What students should do is to take a year out and figure out what they would love to do with their lives. They should do this by trying lots of different things out since you have the time to experiment.

University will still be around if you want to apply but take the time to studying the right thing before you study the thing right. Now once you do find out what you want to do. How would you actually get into that career?

The good news is that there is an alternative ‘Hidden method’ to this and I have made a video that explains how you could connect education to employment without the lifetime of debt.

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