Helping you get into the Digital Creative industry without getting into debt

Become a UX Designer in as little as 9 months without getting into huge debt

The Hidden UX placement programme is not just another online UX Design training course.

It is minimal on the theory and maximised on the practical. It will not leave you with a certification, but is designed to get you a well-paid, creative job. 

Growing up we’re always told:

  • To study hard and get into Uni

  • To bear with the stress of exams as it will all be worth it

  • Getting a degree will get you a great, well-paid job 

However, a lot of University degrees:

  • Do not train you for a specific job

  • Are based on exams and the accumulation of facts rather than real world experience 

  • Will leave you in an average of £50,000 debt

After over 10 years in the Digital Creative industry, I have come to learn that it is not a degree that will get you a job within the industry.

What employers really want is the right skills, personality and experience.

Hidden UX connects education with employment by using the 4P method so that on completion of the programme, you have:

  • Experience working on 3 UX design projects

  • A portfolio to show off your skills

  • A refined pitch to help you through the interview process

  • A secured placement to start your career

You might be thinking....

Uni is a safer choice

Not necessarily :|

It will be a 3 year commitment, leaving you in an average of £50,000 debt with no guarantee of a job. 

I can learn this myself

This is definitely possible, but you can save a huge amount of time and avoid mistakes by learning through someone that has already been through it. 

I’m just going to keep applying for jobs

In this day and age can be difficult to get employment without specialist skills and experience. That is the first thing you will be asked for.

So, how does it work?

Well, once you’ve signed up; you will get instant access to our online training course. As you work through the course you will have access to weekly live Q&A calls and a private Facebook Group where you will be supported and all your questions will be answered.

The programme is designed to help you get into a paid UX Design position in as little as 9 months by taking you through three projects, building a portfolio, cultivating a compelling interview pitch and then landing yourself a placement within the industry.

Who is Hidden UX for?

  • People that are not sure if University is right for them and want to avoid the huge amount of debt

  • People that have dropped out of University and want to get into a creative career

  • People that have graduated from University and are struggling to get a job

Does this sound like you?

Yes! I want to take control of my education and become a UX Designer

Let’s get the ball rolling and chat about how Hidden UX can help you get your foot through the door!